Monday, January 18, 2010

Monetary Monday - The Dollar Store

Last week I was thinking about how buying at the Dollar Store makes it very hard to be green.  For instance if you buy something there that requires batteries its cheaper to just buy a new product altogether than replace the batteries.  Books with buttons that play music, stick up lights, watches, clip on radios, various toys, etc, anything that would have a battery die it was cheaper to buy the whole thing than the batteries for.  Making it very difficult to be responsible. Which is what this post was going to be about - the dilemma of paying more to be responsible.

That was until this week.  Funny how quickly things change.  I bought a new book light since mine is dying. However, when I opened up the new one it didn't work.  My son, I don't know if he didn't believe me or if he wanted to play Mr. Fix It, took it apart to see what the problem was. Apparently it had no batteries.  So either it was an Ooops or the Dollar Store has stopped putting batteries in their products.  I have to take it back to find out whats what.  But if they have decided to stop putting batteries in their products it certainly has made my choice for me to just buy the batteries instead of a whole new product each time. 

The Dollar Store might be good for the pocket book but bad for the environment - so beware.

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