Sunday, October 11, 2009

A mouse in the house

We have a mouse in the house.  I'm thinking its not such a bright mouse.  Did it not see the kids?  The dog?  Hear the bird?  And yet it thought it would be safer in here? My 4 yr old has taken a liking to the mouse, "We should make a house for the mouse."  He put some blocks together and deemed his house beautiful.  "I hope the mouse likes it."  Just what we need, another pet.  As long as the rattlers and scorpions don't come in, I can deal with a mouse.

We went to the park, hoping the mouse would come out in the quiet.  Our plan didn't work, but the kids had fun.  Once home I told my  4 yr old to go look at himself in the mirror cause he was covered in dirt.  He looked at himself and declared, "I like being covered in dirt."  I'm thinking this is why the house is always so messy.  They like being dirty.  That also explains why the mouse came in here, he thought he saw a buffet!  This was confirmed when we moved the sofas away while looking for said mouse. Tons of crumbs. We also found 3 pencils under the sofa, and a fork.  Maybe the mouse took it under there to eat with. 

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