Monday, October 26, 2009

My kids

I thought would introduce my kids to you, cause you know I like to brag about them. If anyone ever has any doubt that I couldn't get to know each of my kids personally because "there are too many", let that doubt be put to rest.  Consider how many people you know; 20, 50, 100 or more?  Could you tell me what their personalities are like? What they like and dislike? Their quirks and traits?  I am sure you could easily.  How much more easily could I describe my children whom I am with everyday.  I do admit homeschooling allows for more interaction than I might get if I only had them at home a few hours before bed time (do other areas have school 8-3:30 not including travel time?)

Adele - shes the oldest.  She is definitely a first born. A leader, motivated sometimes to a fault, great in groups or by herself.  She is a writer and an artist and loves to read.  Shes got book smarts and logic and loves to talk (for which she got in trouble at school a lot for).  Shes not so girly, which I was so happy for cause neither am I and I was really worried about having a daughter for that very reason.  She likes dinosaurs and will only wear a dress if I make her. 

Ann - my 2nd daughter.  Shes quirky, she not only thinks outside the box, to her there is no box.  Its a gift to see the world the way she does.  Shes a girly girl, dh calls her a princess.  She likes to wear dresses and dress up with make up and high heals. She wants to be a day care provider or teacher when she grows up.  She is really good with younger children. 

James is my oldest son.  Hes a reader and a loner, usually very calm.  He likes to be alone or with one person at a time.  He likes to stay up late at night and read in the quiet dark of his room.  He wants to be a magician when he grows up.  He has the same book smarts and logic my oldest has but lacks the same drive.  Instead he is more easy going like his daddy and never in a hurry.  He goes with the flow of life.  He likes sports of any nature and will be found riding his bike even when its 110 out. 

Joe is my 2nd born son.  Hes happy go lucky and full of energy.  As a toddler he would often hurt himself because he would just bounce non stop.  Hes never been able to be still.  Life is full of laughter for him.  Hes got bright eyes and a bright mind.  His smarts can't be learned and its often hidden by his non stop talking and movement.  Hes a people person, doesn't care who you are or what you've done, he loves everyone.  He will give the shirt on his back for you. 

Liam is #5.  Hes quiet and reserved, but if you hear him laughing you know hes getting into trouble.  Hes detail oriented, a perfectionist.  He catches on quickly and wants to please.  He spends his days building with blocks or coloring.  He has an incredible mind for computers, not just can he use them he can fix them.  He definetly gets that from his daddy. 

Ian is the oldest of the youngest 3 boys.  Hes a tiny thing with a big personality.  Hes always smiley and comes up with the wackiest things.  He was talking in full sentences before he was 1 and he hasn't stopped.  He likes to wear his clothes backwards, even his underwear.  He says its more comfortable that way, he is his own person thats for sure.  He isn't gonna do anything just because thats what everyone else is doing. 

Ewan is my toddler.  Hes overflowing with energy.  He is a daddys boy if there ever was one.  He wants to be 30 already.  He wants to do everything everyone else is doing, Mr. Independent.  No one can hold him back, he is gonna learn to do it all.  Who says 2 is too young for school!  He loves trains and cars, what little boy doesn't?  Hes built like a rock and as strong as a horse.  I call him my jock. 

Luc is the baby, and like my mom said he is different from all the other kids.  He wants to go go go all the time. Dh says holding him is like wrestling with an octopus.   But he is so willing to go along with anything we do.  His favorite thing is the mirror.  His smile could melt the hardest heart and he can talk all day and night.  Hes a little butterball.


  1. Thanks! I think so too, but I might be a little biased. ;)