Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Allergies suck

The weather turned nice, we opened our windows and how are we rewarded?  With sneezing, watery eyes and a running nose.  I look like rudolph.  I wore myself out sneezing this am. For the first time since I was pg I had to go lay down to regain some energy.  My allergies meds is $1 a pill so I am not keen on using that every day.  My poor 4 yr old has smeered himself up and down with snot.  His entire face is red.  He told me, "I know why my face is red, Its from this blanket." I tried to explain it was from rubbing but hes got himself convinced. 

If you have ever had the notion that the deserts of Arizona might be a good place to live, just chuck that notion right out the window!  How can their be so many allergens in a place where nothing grows?

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