Monday, October 12, 2009

Monetary Monday - How not to be frugal

There are lots of ways to be frugal.  You can reuse your wrapping paper, cut coupons, turn your ac up and walk to work.  But there are just some things you shouldn't do.  Really there are, I'm not just saying this cause I am lazy and don't want to do them.  I am willing to sacrifice with the best of them but these things, well they shouldn't even have been thought up.

If its yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down.  My fil actually practices this.  Not so good when you have dogs or children.  I will let your imagination run away with you on this one.  (and there was a collective Ewwww heard through the cosmos)

Open your windows instead of using your ac.  This is fine if you don't happen to have allergies.  If you do, anything you save on your ac will be negated by what you spend on your allergy meds.  And lotion for your face.

Change your own brake pads.  What a great idea, teach your kids how to do car maintenance while you are at it.  Yea, don't try this unless you actually have all the tools to do it with.  Cause trying to get stuff off with "this here wrench" ain't gonna cut it.  Then you'll be paying for a tow truck too.  We won't be naming any names on this one, but lets just say we don't change brakes anymore 3 hours before we have to be to work.

Do it yourself mouse traps.  I guess this would work if you actually made a real mouse trap.  If you are taping a tube to an insect habitat and smearing peanut butter in it, just don't even bother.  I will tell you right now its not gonna work.  Just buy the mouse trap.  And not the game.  An actual mouse trap.

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