Friday, October 23, 2009

Vent Or Myth - Take your Pick

I am betting this one is a myth, though I doubt anyone would ever have the guts to say it to my face.  It is definitely a vent.  I am not a free babysitter.

Yes, its true I love kids.  Not just mine either.  I really love kids.  This does not mean I am a free babysitter.  Oh sure, every once in a while I will gladly babysit for a few hours.  I however will not watch your child day after day or overnight time and again.  I am betting if I start charging that thing you desperately wanted to do doesn't seem so important anymore. 

And if I babysit for you, especially if its more than once, and especially if you don't come get your kid for 3 hours after you said you would be here, I except something in return.  Like not calling the next day to ask me to watch your kid again.  Cause heavens knows as much as I love having them here, I do like spending time with my family too.

And you might consider that if you haven't gotten out when you have your 1 child then maybe the lady with 8 might have that problem even more so.  Cause its ever so easy to find a baby sitter.  And No, it doesn't work out that I "have 8 kids, whats once more?".  Cause sometimes 1 kid is more of a handful than 8.

While I don't babysit for you because I expect you to baby sit mine it would be a nice way to repay the favor. I will tell you that you don't get to use the excuse that My kids are too much trouble or too many for You to watch. If the single guy with no kids manages them just fine I am thinking the parent can figure it out too. 

Now bring me your babies, your toddler, your preschoolers and preteens and everything in between. I will watch them, and love on them and send them home asking when they can come back.  But don't take me for granted.  I'm not a free babysitter, I'm a mother like you.  Treat me the way you want to be treated.

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