Saturday, October 3, 2009

Petroglyphs can't wave

We hike on the weekends when the weather is nice.  We are fortunate enough to hike somewhere with a lot of history, and there are petroglyphs through out the park.  My 2 yr old was waving to some up high saying, "Hi petroglphys. Hi!"  My 10 year told him "Petroglyphs can't wave."  Ds seemed disappointed.

I asked my 4 yr old if he wanted to eat Chili. He said, "The restaurant?" I told him no, the soup. He said, "Okay but just the beans."


My 7 yr old had a spelling test yesterday and I was so proud he only got 1 word wrong.  He spelled balloon with an 'e' at the end.  He on the other hand was quite upset and said, "Well I didn't know there wasn't an 'e' at the end!"  I told him thats why you're supposed to study.  Then he was upset because he got a 92 while his brother got a 95 yet they both only spelled one word wrong.  I tried to explain that it was because he had less words to spell.  He said, "Can't you just make it a 95?"  I gave him a lollipop instead, he seemed happy with that.  


And did you know the head of the leach is not the part that sucks?  Yea, homeschooling does have its down sides. 


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