Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And thats it...

For my 4 yr olds birthday he received a broken toy.  It wasn't supposed to be broken.  I know its a great idea - get them broken toys so its no big deal when they break them more.  Yea, but no, it wasn't supposed to be broken.  So my ils brought him a dinosaur as a replacement.  Its sweet, he loves this dino.

Loves it so much he popped the head right off.  Ds said his brother did it.  A brother I knew at the time was sleeping.  So I asked, "Oh is he up?"  to which my 4 yr old said, "Um he was up. He woke up and popped my dinosaurs head off and fell back to sleep." Hmmm sure he did.

For lunch we had turkey sandwiches.  I asked my 5 yr old what he wanted on his:

Ds: "Turkey and Cheese and thats it."

Me: "Really?  How about Mayo?"

Ds: "Turkey and cheese and mayo and thats it."

Me: "How about Lettuce and Honey mustard?"

Ds: "Ok, Turkey and cheese and mayo and lettuce and honey mustard and thats it."

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