Thursday, October 8, 2009

A 2 yr olds curse word

We've discussed, at length actually, why some words are curse words and some aren't. For instance its perfectly fine to call a mule an Ass.  This is good to know say when you are reading the Bible and come across the word.  Nothing like all the kids gasping and saying "Ahhhhh the Bible has a bad word in it."  Not so great however for calling people.  We've explained that probably somewhere along the way some aggravated individual exclaimed, "You are as stubborn as an Ass." And it took on a life of its own.  Soon it was bad to be called a mule. 

My 2yr old gets frustrated and says 'Darn It'.   Or he could be saying 'Dog Gone It'.  Thats what daddy says all the time.  Kinda hard to tell.  Hes also taken to calling people 'Diaper Head'.  I imagine to a 2 yr old this is the worst of the worse swear words.  To him his diaper is stinky and gross and the end all be all of awfulness in his day.  Yes, I imagine Diaper Head is like a 4 letter word to us.  He took that agravated individual scenario and ran with it.  Too bad I can't stop laughing at him when he says it.  Probably just encourages him.  I'm sure he'll out grow it, thats more likely to happen than me having a straight face long enough to discipline him for it. 

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