Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sledding in the Desert

Imagine this scene: you are locked in your bedroom doing exercises, but the kids don't know you are in there.  You are not sure where they think you are, maybe on the moon?  The kids are behaving (now that would be a scene!) when suddenly you hear falling noises.  That loud banging noise that means someone is up to no good.  Then you hear laughter.  Oh yea, really up to no good.  You burst out your bedroom door, scaring the kids because they didn't know you were up there and because; yup they were up to something. 

Wanna know what I found when I burst through that door?  I was met with 3 beautiful smiling faces that say, "What? I wasn't doing anything.  Theres nothing behind my back here, I don't know what you are talking about."  I quickly discovered the origins of the falling noise: Kids sledding down the stairs on the removable bottom to the rocking horse.

I loved their explanations: "But we aren't doing it on the sleeping bags." Oh well you aren't doing it on the sleeping bags, thats ok then, cause we all know we are allowed to sled down the stairs on items other than sleeping bags.   and "But no one has gotten hurt."  Yet.  Sleding down the stairs is like leaning back in a chair, its only fun till you fall over.  And you will fall over.

You have to give them credit for creativeness.   My poor kids have never been sledding.  Its the sacrifice you make for living in the desert. 

If I could have done my exercises out in the loft this never would have happened.  Ok it would have happened eventually.  And really it was quite enjoyable to surprise them by bursting through the door.   Oh, why can't I exercise in the loft? Because apparently I look funny when I exercise.  I deduced this by the laughter and giggles and rolling on the floor.  So for my own self esteem I now lock myself in my bedroom. 

For the record I only let him do that for the picture.  What he did afterward was of his own accord.

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