Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Born to Breed

WeTv's show "Secret Lives of Women"did a piece called "Born to Breed", about the Quiverfull movement.  If you didn't catch the original on tv you can watch it in 6 parts on You Tube.

Every day, or there bouts, I get asked one question, "Are you Catholic or Mormon?" I figure they are asking because why else could I have so many kids?  So when I answer "Neither",  people are left scratching their heads.  I don't fit in a mold.  Neither do many other women who are like me.  So we carry the label of "Quiverfull".  If I said I was Catholic or LDS no one would think anything of me having 8 kids.  But since I'm not, there must be SOME religious group I belong to. No protestant denomination would ever encourage willful abandonment of contraception.   So there has to be something

Its easy to box someone in using a set of parameters.  "Oh they are quiverfull so they don't dance or cut their hair or (insert stereotype of your choice)."  Plain and Simple - we leave our family planning to God.  Sure some of us homeschool, some of us homebirth, some of us don't vaccinate, some of us wear long dresses, some of us dye our hair purple and some of us have more body piercings than kids.  So what?  That does not mean that you HAVE to do those things in order to be Quiverfull.  I guess they have to kick me out of the movement.  I'm not protestant evangelical, I cut my hair, and we dance to rock music. 

I wish WeTv had shown families that are like mine.  That truly would have been the Secret Life of Women because lets be honest; when a Mrs. Duggar look alike walks into a store with her kids do you really think anyone is shocked to find out shes quiverfull?  Now me?  I on regular occasion get to witness people nearly pass out from shock.

I enjoyed the Born to Breed episode, I always love seeing other large families.   I hope you have a few minutes to watch it.  Its about 45 minutes worth of viewing though.

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