Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a Wonderful Holiday

I simply can not get over how fast the last 3 days have gone.  Its true, time flies when you are having fun.  Christmas eve I spent the whole day baking.  Started the pies at 8 am and finished cookies at 6 pm.  That was after baking cookies on the 23rd as well.  So I spent 3 days cooking.  My legs hurt so bad! 

Then Christmas started off at 6:30am, I got about 6 hours of sleep. We opened gifts and was in awe at how well behaved my children were.  Each child took a turn opening a gift while the others looked on.  I got picture after picture of their siblings respecting them, being happy for them.  I got the inspiration from Flinging Debt.  I think its become our new tradition. 

I had to have the turkey out of the fridge at 8 am and in the oven at 10.  I was close.  The Turkey went in around 10:30.  We were gifted a smoked  turkey this year and it was a blessing.  To feed all of us we need 2 turkeys, and I was really balking at the price.  Being gifted that turkey saved us about $20.  And boy was it good.  Dh suggested buying a smoker! 

Then grandparents came over and we opened even more gifts.  Remember that new tradition?  Uncles and grandparents marveled at how well behaved the kids were, taking turns opening gifts.  The dh and I got a gift card for a restaurant, which came at a perfect time.  We don't eat out a lot as a family.  But this week my 4 yr old asked if we were ever gonna go to a restaurant again.  I don't know who was happier to get the GC, me or him! 

Oh yes, I also got my new toaster.  I broke mine, two in a row actually.  I am Michelle - Destroyer of Toasters.  I don't even need to touch them to break them apparently.  Because when I opened my new one, yup that was broken too.  God is up in heaven with his arms crossed saying, "NO TOASTERS FOR YOU!" I wonder if he has a German accent too. 

I had enough money to buy the Dh either a package of underwear he needs or a cd he wants.  I couldn't get him the underwear, that would just be sad.  So I got him the cd, as did my father!  Now I get to take the cd back and get him the underwear he needs! 

Dh wanted to buy me the new Star Trek movie that came out this year, but he didn't have the money.  Instead my brother got it for me!  I was so happy to see all the nooks and crannys in our life get filled in this holiday, and without consulting each other. 

The kids got everything under the sun.  Books, lot of books.  Some of them I want to read.  Mickey Mouse's How Things Work in the Country is too cute.  I can't wait to read that to them, I will have to wrestle it away from my 7 year old.  They got blocks, games, coloring and paints.  I have more crafts going on in my house right now.  I am being hard pressed to find a place to eat that doesn't have something with paint on it drying. Big families are great.  Now I just need to find a place for everything.

Tomorrow I take back the pair of pants my oldest got that came with the magnetic tag still attached.  I don't know whats funnier, the fact I made it out the store with it still attached or that I wrapped it and didn't notice it. 

Hope your holiday was as blessed as ours!

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