Sunday, December 20, 2009

What I have in the...

Purse.  I figured everyone would want to know what an crazy experienced mommy takes out with her. I bet you are getting your note pad and pen out right now to write down all the necessities to make an outing less painful.  Oh you should know me by now, there is nothing in there any sane person would need.

My purse.

You have the basics like my wallet and coupon holder and my day timer that has everything a woman needs like a calculator, address book and receipt envelope. A brush (with a broken mirror), hand sanitizer, chap stick, a pad and a pen. Pretty much what every woman has in her purse.

Then I have a video camera.  You never know when you will come upon something that needs video documentation.  Hydrocortisone cream - for if my kids get into something itchy.  Actually we bought that for something and I can't remember what it is now.  A lottery ticket from September.  I don't think we won.  3 Receipts that should have been in my receipt envelope. Directions for nail fix it, I was wondering where that went to.  An expired coupon to Kohls, but there is always a coupon for Kohls in my purse.  Typically I print one out, go to put it in my purse, see the expired one, and replace it.  A coupon for Goodwill that I got when I donated some stuff.  And you know how many times I have been back to goodwill since then?  I will have to remember its in there so I can use it.  An advertisement for a museum I wanted to go to.  A survey from a shoe store and a ton of candy. We got the candy at a parade.  They were throwing it at us.  I kept it in there so the kids wouldn't get it and I figured it might be a good bribe tool when we are out.  And of course I keep my camera in there but I had to use it to take the picture.

You are also probably struck by whats not in there.  There is no make up, no toys, no loose change (hahaha like that would last long), no bandages, no tissues and no cell phone.  I couldn't keep that stuff in my purse for 2 seconds before a kid would get it out.  And make up is a no go here in the desert, unless you want it melted.  My phone goes in my pocket or bra, its too difficult to get to my phone when its hanging on my back.  Especially if I am slinging a baby.  Yes, I said bra.  Well not all of my clothes have pockets.  Where else am I supposed to put it.

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