Monday, December 28, 2009

Making Lemonaid

When life hands you lemons....

I bought 3 books online for the kids school work. 2 of them came with writing despite being listed as like new with no writing. The third one I thought was fine.  Then I discovered some missing pages.  Panic could set in or I could take this opportunity to make this work for me.  I have a ton of bookmarks for homeschool worksheets that I really have no reason to use.  Till this happened.  Now, I get to print out a weeks worth of worksheets for my 7 yr old that probably are a lot more fun than what he would have been doing anyway.  And I finally get to use those links.

In the winter it can be difficult to find homeschool activities out doors.  If its snowing traveling can be difficult.  You have to bundle up to go anywhere making the trip longer and difficult.  There aren't many reenactments in the winter months, sight seeing at a farm is near impossible, fish hatcheries are frozen so what is there left to do? How about examine snow flakes with a hand held microscope?  You know I never thought to do this.  And apparently neither did my parents or any of my teachers and I lived in New York for the first half of my life.  If you live where it snows, make some lemonaid.

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