Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coping with sick wee ones

It happens to the best of us, our kids get sick.  2 responses typically come to mind when you notice your wee one is coming down with something: Run and lock yourself in the bedroom and hide under the bed till it passes or Rush them to the doctor.  I guess you could do either one of those things, or you can pull up your big girl panties and deal with it.

I was the "Run and lock yourself in the bedroom and hide under the bed till it passes" type.  I do not deal well with vomit. I hate snotty runny noses smeared all over me.  I don't enjoy not sleeping for days on end while I hold a coughing, wheezing baby.  Sickness, in my book, were the end of the world.  Finally I realized that colds come to an end, virus run their course, eventually the smell of vomit will be gone and life will return to normal.  And looking back I saw it was only a few days out of our lives.  Yes, I was exhausted and I spent endless hours walking my babies but looking back today I can barely remember those times. 

Perhaps you are the type of mommy who runs for the phone to call the dr at the first hint of a sore throat or fever.  And certainly  no one would fault you for being a caring mommy!  But ask yourself first, are you doing this to make your child feel better or you feel better? My first midwife warned me after I had my oldest that I would be tempted to run my daughter to the dr at every cough, sneeze or fever.  And its true, you do want to make sure there isn't something terribly wrong with your child.  A little common sense would make you realize though that the likelihood that what seems like a cold or stomach bug probably is just a cold or stomach bug.  Waiting 24 or 48 hours often makes a world of difference in a child and a mommy.  Of course there are the times you should race your child to the dr.  For instance when my son threw up the other day I knew, just knew, it was not a virus.  And I was right, he had swallowed a chemical.  Don't worry he was fine. 

Once you are passed fighting the urge to go cry or call the dr you should be prepared to make your child as comfortable as possible.  I let my kids lounge around on the sofa watching tv, listening to music and generally being the center of attention.  If they are throwing up I bring out "the bucket".  You know the one, you keep it hidden in the closet. But really, children are easy to take care of. Its our own nerves that need tending to.  Be sure to step outside and breath some fresh air.  While your child sleeps or relaxes on the sofa, try to get in a nap for yourself.  Grab some tea for yourself too and don't forget to eat!  You don't want to come down with the bug!  And just keep repeating, Its just a few days, its just a few days.  This too shall pass.

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