Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hand Made Gifts Make the Holidays

Again, some of the kids favorite presents were my hand made ones.  My youngest daughter got a fleece blanket from me. Shes been wearing it around the house like that, and has thanked me several times!  I thought she would like her My Little Pony the best but shes hardly played with that!  The fleece was a gift to me which I in turn was able to gift.  Like the smoked turkey.  I guess when you gift something you become a blessing not just for the person receiving it. 

My 5 yr old is a little artist and now he can travel in style with his new crayon holder.  I got the idea from another WAHM. Who I was looking for so I could link here and give due credit to but did not find.  What I did find was uses for WD40 - one of which is removing crayon from walls.  Probably good to know if you plan on giving a crayon roll to someone.   Anyhow,  I made mine or rather my sons, so it can be used for crayons, pens, pencils, markers, chalk, whatever.  It folds in half for crayons to keep them from falling out. 

I already have more ideas for next year.  Thanks to Smockity Frocks.  I hope you too got some great ideas.

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