Monday, December 14, 2009

Monetary Monday - Work

You can't spend money unless you make money. For most of us that means working.  Dh is in IT during the day and part time works as a Pizza Delivery guy.  When you are a stay at home parent your options are more limited.  For more than 2 years I had a website where I made and sold household cloth products.  Sadly, I had to close that this week.  I just did not have the time to grow my business like I needed to make it profitable.  I know lots of people have had to close their business.  My husband did and I think he did it with more grace than I.  Everything is a learning experience right?  At the same time I really can't afford not to work so I have been looking very hard at getting money in anyway I can.  I have to work, somehow.

I do write; you might have noticed.  I have a done a couple of ehow articles but the pay is very slow.  I wrote my first one about 4 months ago and haven't reach my minimum payment amount yet.  Of course the more I write the faster I will get paid but I barely have time for this blog let alone to write a million articles.  So that is my next big challenge, figure out how to write more in the little bit of the day I have to write in.

But a funny thing happened because I was writing on ehow.  Someone asked me to rate their articles for them, one of them was how to make money online.  She had 36 different sites for making money online.  Again most of them writing, dang that time thing.  Can't wait till there are 25 hours in a day.  Actually what I need is to sleep less, yup thats the solution.  I need to be an insomniac...oh wait.  I already have that problem.  But there were a few sites she mentioned that didn't require writing.  Youdata I think is my favorite.  I get paid to surf the web.  I can deal with that, actually I like it alot.  Since its targeted to your preferences you get sites you will most likely shop at.  I have found the coolest sites!  Ok the money isn't great but for 30 seconds a day I get paid $2.  I will make $60 a month.  Ok, its not as rewarding as making diapers and bibs and napkins but its fun and easy.

I really don't like cashcrate.  If you want to make some money you can do this site, but get a disposable phone, an email address for spam and a po box thats not a po box because you will be over run with spam of all sorts.  Clixsense is cheesy.  You spend 30 seconds on each site, which is usually a get rich scheme site and you get paid a penny.

I am looking at a few easy work sites: Mturk which is an Amazon site,  cloudcrowd and mahalo.  You do small tasks and get paid a couple of cents each.  But I haven't done anything  more than look at them.  Then there are the actual work sites like craigslist and elance where you can pick up actual work.  If you are looking to do something worthwhile you can try trialjuries.  Mock trials for which you are a juror.  I like this one because you can provide important help to Lawyers and their clients. 

So I am feeling a little bit better about closing my store, knowing I can make a little bit of money here and there.  I am sure once I have money in my paypal account I will feel bunches better!

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