Thursday, December 10, 2009

Words that don't belong together in the same sentence

Its time once again to play, "Words that don't belong together in the same sentence."  Can you spot the words that should never be said together in a coherent sentence? The fact that they are in a coherent sentence scares me. 

"Why did you put mud in your ears?"  Yup, in his ears.  Like ear plugs. And he was quite proud of himself

"We don't drink syrup out of the container!" In fact I am pretty sure we don't drink syrup at all. 

"I put my necklace inside the globe and then it broke off in there."  You expect that from a 2 year old, not so much from a 10 year old.

"I'll be right back.  I promised Ewan I would watch him poop upstairs."  Only if you have potty trained kids would this sentence make any sense to you.

"Ugh who put the army man in the disposal?"  Army men have been left in glasses, sucked up in vacuums, thrown away and stepped on.   We will always remember their sacrifices.

"I'm going into the closet to do school work."  It is quiet in there. Hey I don't care where he works, as long as it gets done. 

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