Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Party Hard

Tis the season....for parties.  We had a choice tonight of 2 different parties to attend.  We could go to one as a family or I could hire a sitter and go to dh's company party.  We choose the family one. While the party was a lot of fun and very relaxing I wished I had listened to my instincts and brought more with me than I had been asked to bring. 

The kids got to play with other children their age, for the most part.  But we were at a home that does not, as a rule, have small children in it.  I should have brought more toys for the younger kids to play with.  This would have kept them from running out the front door, traipsing up the stairs and playing with their pool table (which was positioned right in front of a large screen tv).  I don't think anyone would have minded if I plopped the kids down at the table with some crayons and a piece of paper or some cars.  Actually they probably would have liked it more than watching a 2 year old come down a near vertical staircase. 

The food was good, really good.  I wished I could have had thirds.  But like I said, they aren't used to having a bunch of kids in the house.  They forgot to cook the kids dinner till after they had served the adults theirs.  I had a gut feeling that I should have brought more dinner stuff for all the kids.  Next time I am listening to myself and bringing more food.  Honestly, would anyone complain about more food? 

And I really really should have mapped it before going to a house I have never been to before.  If you drive down a street and say, "Hmm I wonder if this goes through."  you probably shouldn't be driving down it at all.  It was probably a good thing we were late though, the kids got in a nap that way. 

Overall we had a great time.  Would have had the best time if I had listened to my instincts though.  Next time will be the best, although it was a good thing my kids got in a nap.

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