Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Candy

My kids are in a homeschool bowling league.  Today, however, they couldn't bowl since the systems were down.  Presumably because of a near miss we had with an asteroid, sending out bowling disruption rays; or something like that. Unfortunately we didn't know about it till we actually showed up at the bowling alley.  And by we I mean my brother the chauffeur and my four oldest kids.  I guess the phones were connected to the lanes and were down too.  Cause a business would never not call all the people of a league and tell them there was no bowling that day.  My kids weren't terribly disappointed since they got passes to play another day and free candy.  At least thats what I thought when they came home. Not sure what made me think that but it was probably when my daughter said, "We got free candy."  The free candy turned out to be more like stolen candy once I got the whole story. 

It was dinner time and conversation abounded.  I am not sure how we got onto the subject but someone said, "The candy machine was broken so we got free candy." 

I stared at my husband.  I knew exactly what they meant: that asteroid really had it out for those bowling alleys.  No.  It meant that they could get candy without putting any money into the machine.  

Oldest daughter: "I told them not to do it." 

Oldest son: "Yea, after you had already gotten your candy." 

The dh: "Thats stealing." 

Oldest daughter: "No, they knew the candy machine was broken." 

Me: "They don't own it.  Its independently contracted."

Oldest daughter: "Yea, thats what they said." 

Me: "See!  Stealing." 

The dh: "What kinda candy we talking 'bout here?"

Oldest ds: "Gob stoppers, Skittles, licorice.  It was one of those scoop things." 

Me: "This story just keeps getting better and better." 

And what I want to know was where was my brother during all this?  Hello?!  Adult Supervision? 

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