Monday, June 6, 2011

One Persons Trash...

That saying has never been more true as it is today.  This week is bulk trash pick up.  Thats where the city picks up the stuff too big to go in a trash can.  It only happens about twice a year so the rest of the time you are storing your trash in the back yard waiting for that flyer to come in the mail.  Or if you get too sick of it you load it up into your van and take it to the dump yourself.  For a fee of course.  We were saving it up in the back yard.  We had a swing set we took apart, a broken carpet cleaner (hmmm wonder how that happened), a dresser that was in pieces, a toy car and a pile of tree clippings.  This morning  when I got up the only thing left was the tree clippings.  People had come by and taken everything else.  My tree clippings aren't desirable? Meanwhile my neighbors all have their trash sitting out: a mattress set, a sofa, a toy tool bench and more tree clippings.  I would have thought the sofa and tool bench would have gotten snatched up.  No, instead they took long metal poles? Truly, one persons trash is anothers treasure. 

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