Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The No Good, Awful, Horrible....Typical Day

If you told someone, who didn't have kids, what your day is like on a day to day basis - they would think it was an awful existence.  They might even classify one of your days as their worst day ever.  When you have kids things rarely go smoothly.   The problem arises in the fact that you have kids.  They aren't pros at life. They are still trying to figure out how to do basic things like pee in the toilet and get food into their mouths.  Let alone the big stuff like cleaning up after themselves or speaking in complete sentences.

Take for today instances.  Its not even half way over and it would still classify as most peoples worst day ever.  It started at 3:30am. At that time most people are still sleeping.  I wish I was sleeping.  I had gone to bed at midnight, was up at 2 am to feed the baby and then at 3:30 because my 2 year old woke up scared.  He was up again at 4:30 and 6.  At which time he figured he had had enough sleep...wait did he actually sleep? And so my day started.  Being tired isn't something new to most parents. Pretty typical day so far.

It wasn't long before the trouble started.  Dh had left the umbrella open which doesn't seem like such an awful thing till you realize its made of metal and its 112 outside.  Its like putting your hand on the burner of a stove.  I can't just leave it up because it came off the base and every little breeze knocks it over.

Then I noticed the wash had not been moved over from the night before.  Meaning it threw off my laundry schedule because I have to rewash it.  Now that I was sufficiently ticked off at the dh -  I told him so. Only for him to tell me he wasn't the one to wash the clothes.  It was my daughters.  Well now I am mad and embarrassed, I restart the wash myself.  I finally get to drink my coffee only to be beckoned back to the washing machine by a horrible screeching it began making.  Worry about my scheduled is taken to whole new heights.  Especially when I have a load of peed in sheets courtesy of my 4 year old waiting to go in. 

During my shower my girls are supposed to watch the little kids, only they apparently decided to listen to music in their room with the door shut.  So my 2 year old took that opportunity to get naked and pee on the stairs.  My 5 year old alerted me to the emergency, soon followed by said 2 year old completely naked and asking for his Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD.

Are you exhausted yet?  Its only 9 am.

I get out of the shower and quickly put a diaper on my 2 year old, before he goes again.  Once I am dressed, and my hair is done (miracle of miracles!) I get to hold my baby, who is very happy at the prospect.  As soon as I pick him up I can smell it.  He pooped. But, when I get the wipes out of the cabinet the whole handle came off.  I change the baby, screw the handle back on and smack my ankle on the bottom of the dresser. 

I work my way down stairs (after I move over the laundry) where I find my now dressed 2 year old eating gold fish crackers out of a ripped bag.  Its about 9:30 at this point, so not really a great breakfast food.  When I go to get the gallon ziploc bag I step on a wet diaper.  The diaper that my 2 year old had taken off before he 'peed a line on the stairs' apparently.  I get the gold fish cleaned up and look for that Wow Wow Wubbzy dvd he wanted. Which I found in the computer, unfortunately it won't play because it got scratched.  I wonder how that could have happened.

So lets recap.  I got no sleep, my son peed the bed, my washer is breaking, I stepped on a diaper, my toddler peed on the floor, I had to repair a handle, I hurt my ankle and burned my hand on the umbrella.  Its not even lunch time yet.  Remember that I also have to nurse the baby, feed the kids, do the dishes, clean the house, etc during this time.  It might sound awful but that is a typical day. 

Now, my life is not awful, I have come to expect these things.  Its what having kids is all about.  My toddler doesn't know how to go on the potty even though he thinks hes a big boy.  My 4 yr old can't always wake himself up to go pee at night, and I understand that.  My girls are still teens and haven't fully grasped the concept of responsibility, though they are getting there.  So when you stick all those kids in one house things can go wrong.  I expect it.  Just like when you have 1 you expect to not sleep, get thrown up on, get peed on, get pooped on etc.  Each child you add you expect that and whatever the older child has to throw at you.  Well if you have 9 kids you have that much to expect too.  Thats just a typical day here.

My kids just wrapped the dog in thread while I was typing.  Well at least its past the half way mark for the day.

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