Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crafting Stars

Without some sort of schedule my kids go crazy.  True Freedom is too much to handle for some people I guess.  So I did some crafts with them.  An easy one for all ages is the String of Stars.  Little kids need to learn how to trace and cute and this is an great way to teach that since it does those things repeatedly.  Which might get kinda boring for big kids or kids with ADHD.  My hyper 8 year old did 2 stars and got bored.

First you print out the star template.  On their site it says to color it and string it.  But I suggest using construction paper for an easier craft for the little kids.  What I did was trace the printed out template onto cardboard and the cut that out since paper is hard to trace for little kids. I made enough for each kid to have their own to trace.

After that they can trace as many stars as they want.  You can let them make their own strand or you can combine them to make one big one.  My 7 year old decided to write his name on all the ones he cut out, I guess he wanted to everyone to know which ones he did.

I didn't even have to pose this picture for you.  Its what my 8 year old left when he got bored.
Some of my kids enjoyed it though.  My 13 year old and my 5 year old.  A craft for any age! After all the stars have been cut out you fold over the top of a point and staple, glue or tape it the string.  I found that stapling it leave it able to move along the string.

Cheap entertainment for an hour.

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