Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sometimes I need to laugh too

When you read about my kids doing things funny its usually not too funny for the time.  Later after I cooled down I can see the humor in it. For instance, when the kids have shoved veggie sticks in their nose and then spit popcorn kernals at each other its only funny after the mess has been cleaned up.  Not so much at the time. Sometimes I need to laugh without waiting an hour.  A friend shared this today and I can't help not to pass it on.  I am not one for potty humor.  Just ask my kids how many times I day I have to say, "No potty mouth talk." But those last 2 are especially funny:
While you are using the restroom, do various co-workers come in the stall and ask you to settle a disagreement or open a packet of fruit snacks?  During a board meeting when everyone is present, do you notice a smell and then have to check all your colleagues’ pants to locate it? In fact, at ANY point in your day do you have to deal with another person's feces?
I think, the next time I discuss work with the dh I will ask him first which of his coworkers used his shirt to wipe their nose.  A little levity never hurts!

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