Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time for another round of "You Might have a Big Family if...."

You Might have a Big Family if....
Your stack of baby books is too big to fit on the shelf anymore.

Your dh says, "We night need to get that trailer so we can go grocery shopping." After trying to fit the groceries from a shopping trip to costco in our van which was full of kids.  Or maybe he should just go by himself.

The cashier knows there must be a house full of kids at home based on what you are buying (this after dh went to costco to shop alone).

People think you have a lot of kids and you are only out with some of them. 

People aren't quite sure how many kids you have anymore. 

You have to start thinking of baby names 6 weeks postpartum because it takes you 2 years to find one you haven't used yet.

You go to a party and you outnumber all the other guests. 

You make up 2 teams on the bowling league. 

You consider Walmart quiet.


  1. You laugh at "family sized" food packages.

    You would do once-a-month-cooking, but it would take too many freezers.

    You have two bread machines, two rice cookers, two toasters, two refrigerators--and use them all almost daily.

    You can buy any size of childrens clothing at yard sales and thrift stores, because there's a good chance it will fit *somebody*.

    Your brain automatically doubles or triples any recipe you find.

    That last one-- I doubled a cinnamon roll recipe only to find afterward that the woman who posted it had already adjusted the amounts for her large family. We ended up with about 6 dozen rolls that day!! :-D

  2. I have written down recipes already doubled and then doubled them again. I have *3* crock pots. You know they really should make a family sized crock ;).