Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Favorite Books

Do you like to read?  We do.  Some of us more than others.  My eldest girl and boy read the most, they will be seen reading most of the day and long in to the night.  Whereas my 2nd girl and boy will only read when they get a new Calvin and Hobbes in.  The baby will bring me books all day long, I finally had to dig out more books cause I was sick of reading Poohs favorite things 100 times a day.  My 3 yr old gets upset if the dh doesn't do reading lessons with him at night.

I asked my kids, those who can speak enough to share, what their favorite books are and here is what they said:

My oldest likes Animorphs.  Its a good thing she picked a series with a ton of books in it, the way she reads.

My 2nd daughter likes the series of Warrior Cats.  She made the disclaimer that she has not read the whole series.

My oldest son says his favorite was Goosebumps, but Calvin and Hobbes is good too.  I don't think he could choose if you put one of each in front of him.

My 2nd son said his favorite is any Spongebob. Why can't one of my kids say their favorite book is the Bible or Shakespeare? 

My 3rd son says his favorite books are Scooby Doo.  We were gifted a boxed set of Scooby Doo books years ago and all my boys have learned to read with them. 

My 4th son, who can't read quite yet, says his favorite book is My Good Morning Book.

My 5th son showed me his favorite book today and its a Thomas the Tank Engine board book.  Which is a real shocker there.  His favorite toy is Thomas, his favorite thing to watch on tv is Thomas.  His favorite letter is 'T' because thats what Thomas starts with. 

While my youngest definitely has a pension for Poohs Favorite Things.  He is always bringing me that book to read, more than any other. 

Although I have to say Animal Sounds and 500 words to  grow on would probably be everyones favorite books up till age 4.  I have to keep buying those book over and over because they get worn out and fall apart.

I like to read a wide variety of Non fiction books.  Fiction books, I have found, require too much character development and plot lines to remember.  Whereas the non fiction books are often broken up in smaller segments either in short essays or bylines.  Some recent books I have enjoyed are Uppity Women of Ancient Times and Wesley the Owl.

The dh is a complete opposite and likes fantasy and science fiction books, though you will find Hawking on our bookshelf.  His favorite books are Lord of the Rings.  He probably couldn't pick his favorite.

Whats the favoritest in your house?

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