Tuesday, July 6, 2010

They're back...

I don't like spiders.  That would be an understatement.  I think spiders are evil and if you get too close they might eat your head off.  They don't seem to get the message though cause they keep paying me visits.  Todays it was in my bathroom. 

Just as I was about to leave my bathroom my 3 yr old came bounding over to me with a big smile on his face, "Catch it, Catch it.  Its falling!"  He was pointing right next to my head, I thought he meant hair was falling in my face.  I stepped back and came face to face with what he really was pointing at.  A spider suspended from the ceiling ready to land on my head and eat my brains!  No, really, it was gonna eat me.  So I did the only natural thing to do.  I screamed.  After I had jumped back a foot of course.  My 3 yr old didn't have a smile on his face anymore.  In fact he was frozen in place with a look of shock on his face.  He wasn't scared of the spider, he was scared of me.  I yelled for him to get the shoe that was on the floor next to him...just get the shoe already.  He didn't move. Not a muscle moved.  He just stood there staring at me. 

Not to fear my 4 yr old came to the rescue.  "I will get it."  And with that he reached up and grabbed the spider in his hand!  Oh well that just didn't go over well at all.  I screamed again.  "Its a SPIDER!"  My poor 4 yr old thought he was coming to grab a string.  I guess, in hindsight, when I yelled initially I should have included the phrase "Its a spider."  Now my 4 yr old is completely freaked out.  He threw the spider.  At least you know after a spider has been thrown its probably not in the best shape.  My 4 yr old is now bouncing around the room "Is it still on me?  Whered it go?  Whered it go?!" 

I told him I didn't know, he threw it.  Well I guess I am blind cause it was right there on the floor.  My 3 yr old very calmly pointed it to to me.  So I grabbed a shoe and smooshed it.  Thats when my 12 yr old came in the room.  When asked if she heard me screaming she replied she had.  Her reason for not coming to my rescue?  She was downloading something.  "Geez, its just a spider mom." 

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