Monday, July 12, 2010

Naming a New Baby

Not because I am having one.  Cause I'm not.  But I know lots of people who are.  We frequently get asked questions about how we decided on our kids names.  I would like to take that as a compliment and not as in "What were you thinking?"  Like most couples we have some rules we like to stick to.

Rule #1 - The initials can't spell out something bad.  Like if your last name is Smith then naming your son Andrew Steven probably isn't the wisest idea.  Remember that girls can change their last names or hyphenate them after they get married.  So words that can go from good to bad should also be avoided.  Corinne Olivia Anderson sounds real cute now, not so much when she marries Mr. Williams.

Rule #2 - Kids aren't gonna be living with their siblings or you for the rest of their lives so giving them sing song names should be avoided.  It might be real cute to be calling Cash and Kerry for dinner, but when they get older and introduce their brother to their newest girlfriend ya'll are gonna look like a bunch of loons.

Rule #3 - Find the Middle Ground. Avoid both ends of the spectrum.  You don't want kids with really common names and you don't want kids with names that aren't really names.   Growing up I was never the only Michelle in my class.  I was Little Michelle or Michelle T. or Shelley to the other Michelle.  If you have a common last name its even worse.  I feel sorry for all the John Smiths out there.  Of course you want to avoid the other problem as well.  Names, as a general rule, should be identifiable in the language the person speaks. Such as in the case of a Swedish couple who tried to name their baby:  Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb111163. I don't think there is a language on Earth in which that name is pronounceable.  And we don't want to go around abusing our freedom and end up with laws like in other countries. 

Rule #4 - Consider the Meaning.  I don't care how nice Jezebel or Lucifer sounds,  you are just gonna give your child a miserable life.  Of course, this is coming from someone who named their son something that means "King of the Green Elves."  It means something to me! 

I will leave you with this article about baby names, in case I didn't stress you enough.  No pressure though. 

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