Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm not old...I'm Vintage

Yesterday I listed some 80's toys on ebay, and each one started with the word "Vintage".  These were things I played with as a kid.  And I must say, they have fared better than I.  None of them have their hips falling out of place or are balding.  Yes, I know its related to hormones but I didn't have that as a kid either! Thankfully my kids found the toys just as cool as I did, so I take that to mean I am cool.  Ehhhh Its my bubble, don't burst it. 

When I was listing them I had to find some information about them in doing so I came across some sites that made me feel rather....whats the word.  Oh yea, Old.  I found this site and realized I was a very spoiled kid.  I owned almost all those toys.  What I didn't own, my brothers did.  The 80's was a colorful time, what was with all the neon?   

The House of Vintage Blog didn't make me feel much better either.  Caboodles are vintage?  What?  I still use mine.  Is that wrong?  My sleeping bag, however, was not acid washed.  I still own that too...and use it. 

If vintage is a selling point I would rather be that than old.

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