Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog Fodder to Book Fodder

Can you take the kids anywhere in the car without a fight breaking out?  If you can I want to know your secret.  And no, I will not drug them, tape their mouths shut or install walls in the van.  Like you haven't thought of it. 

Last night was no exception.  We were headed to \Costco; its the coldest place in the valley.  Who doesn't love to just stand in the walk in freezer when its 112 out?  It takes very little to excite us.  Oh yes, the fighting, got distracted thinking about not sweating.  So my kids were fighting over, of all things, dreams.  You know its just an excuse to fight, they would make something up to fight about it if there was nothing for them to actually fight about.  My oldest ds would not tell his younger brother what his dream was about.  Apparently the ensuing fight did not just bother me and the dh.  My eldest starts in, "O-M-G guys!  Can't you shut up?!  You sound like a bunch of dogs barking at each other.  GEEZ."  She is almost a teenager you know. Nothing like an overly dramatic girly whiny voice telling the overly dramatic boyish growly voices to shut up. 

My oldest ds who started it all, the one who wouldn't share his dream, didn't care for his sisters demands.  So he said, "You should stop talking  to yourself." 

"What?!  I do not talk to myself.  Why would you say something like that?" 

"It was a comeback." Its pretty bad when you have to explain it, a sure sign the comeback is a fail.

"Well it was a lame comeback."

"Yea,'re lame."  At this point I am just cracking up.  So I told them its SO going on the blog in the morning.  You'd think they would be embarrassed, no, they are excited.  So I told them maybe I would just write a book about their antics, including all the pee drinking, crack sniffing, snot picking shenanigans they do.  Still, they were not embarrassed,  I see a book deal in my future. 

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