Saturday, July 17, 2010


There is no word more dreaded, no chore more avoided than 'Socks'.  We all have that pile of single socks, the one thats mocking you from your closet.  I have one too.  Every once in a while, usually when someone complains they have no socks, I have to go through that pile and match pairs.  This is my system. 

First I dump out the socks on my bed.  Then I sort them by color.  One pile of whites with gray on them, one of all white, and one of colored.  I start with the colored ones cause there is less of those.  Then move on to the ones with grey and then finally the all white.  Whose idea was it to make white socks?  I don't think even 1 sock in that pile was all white. Most were brownish. 

Then after I have them sorted I start to roll them. Then after I can find no more matches I sort them by kid.  In our case thats: Girls, 3 boys, 2 boys, baby.  Oh mine and the dhs is never in there.  Funny how that works.  Apparently the dryer only eats CHILDREN'S socks. 

Whats left goes back into my bucket.  Its an old pretzel container.  We use these things for everything.  Then it goes back into my closet, not to see daylight again for months.  Or until it over flows.  Which ever comes first. 

I hope you appreciated all the thought and effort I put into my system.  It took me like 1 maybe 2 minutes to come up with it.  I know, pure genius. 

At least you know you aren't alone.  And think, I have 16 feet whose socks go in there.  And people wonder why my kids wear sandals 75% of the year. 

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  1. My leftover socks have a corner of a drawer in the changing table. Each time I do laundry, when I put the leftovers in the drawer, I check for matches. This leaves me only having 3-6 strays in the drawer at any given time. Granted, we only have 12 children feet -- but Steve's and mine do find their way into the strays, especially Steve's. LOL.