Saturday, July 31, 2010

5 reasons to take your kids to a casino

I know what you are thinking..."ARE YOU INSANE!?" Now hear me out, this will make sense.  I say, if we have the choice, but rule it out because you are thinking there is no way you are taking kids to a casino, then rethink that.  There are serious upsides that I discovered.

1. Your kids won't be the loudest thing there.  In fact your kids might be the quietest thing there.  Screaming at each other?  No one will notice.  In fact if your family likes to scream you will love a casino, its the only way to talk to each other in one.

2. All that walking will wear your kids out.  It might wear you out too, so perhaps you should exercise - just in case. As a result they pass right out at night and you get to stay up.

3. If they spill something on the floor no one will notice.  In fact, if you tried to clean it up you might not even be able to find it yourself. 

4. The kids will keep themselves mindlessly entertained with all the blinking lights, colors and sounds.  Think, if its distracting for adults, how much more so must it be for a child?  I don't think the kids even noticed we walked 3 miles through a casino just to get to the rest room because they were so distracted the whole time.

5. There are no clocks or windows to the outside.  In the Casino there is no time.  There is no day or night.  If they don't know its noon and they aren't hungry you can get away with not eating lunch for a whole nother hour. 

And don't worry you will be the only one there with kids.  I saw more families in casinos than I have at family events!

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