Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm such a woman

...Or not. 

I had to run to walmart for some briquettes.  I wanted hot dogs, but on wood, not charcoal.  I figured it would be a 15 minute trip. After I started the van, however, I got a little worried it might be a longer trip.  I could tell there was a problem with the battery.  The clock had reset to 12:00 and it felt kinda sluggish. So I figured I would ask the dh about it when I called him to ask about which kind of briquettes to get.

I get there, park at the opposite end of where I need to go, get some good walking in.  Take my time.  I pass the books, decide to look for some Warrior Cats for my daughter, which they had.  Look at some new items, look at the womens products.  Finally, I reach the briquettes and see they have a small variety. I call the dh.

I told him about the briquettes, he conceded that my options were limited if I wanted a smokey flavor.  We talk for a few minutes and then he told me not to come home - while a baby screams in the back ground.  He said, "Stay out, have fun, don't come home yet."  So here I was, done with my shopping, and I was told to stay out and have fun.  I didn't know what to do.  And I like to shop generally.  How can I be in walmart, with no kids, and not know what to do? 

I looked at the clearance.  I looked at the clothes.  I looked at the fabric scrapes and pretty soon I was bored.  And then I realized I had forgotten to tell the dh about the van battery.  I head to check out, and am quickly on my way to the van. I look at the time.  I have been gone all of 30 minutes.  So much for "stay out, have fun."  I don't know how.  I guess I could have picked out the sheets I want for my birthday, or went and poked the lobsters in the tank. 

I make sure I tell the dh as soon as I get home there is issues with the battery.  He went out to check and sure enough we need a new battery.  So it turns out it was a good thing I couldn't shop for hours like other women.  He has now spent 90 minutes at walmart getting new batteries and oil.  Maybe if we had a clothing breakdown I too could shop for 90 minutes.  Or a birthday crisis. 

I know there are men out there WISHING their wives would only spend 30 minutes at the store.  And mine makes me take longer and I can't.   See what happens when the perfect woman and the perfect man get together?!

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