Thursday, July 22, 2010


There is a fly in my office that must be on a suicide mission, it keeps swooping down to attack me.  And its just not today.  Its been here since yesterday.  Swooping in and landing on my hair and face.  Its flown up my nose twice.  What does it think it will find up there?  Is it trying to get to my brain?  I know I look at my nose and think "Wow, that looks like great place to take a break, maybe find a snack."  What a dumb fly.

If you are gonna suggest getting the fly swatter I will just spare you your breath.  The Dh has already suggested that, and I will tell you what I told him:  If I could hit a fly with a fly swatter would we have any flies in the house?  You are asking someone with no depth perception, who can only see out of one eye, to smack something the size of a pea that moves.  But then I saw it land on my camera, and it sat there for awhile.  So I figured, you know, if it will sit still for a little while maybe I can hit it.  So I went and grabbed the fly swatter.  When I came back it was still sitting there, see I must have worn it out.  Then inevitable happened, I missed. So I waited and waited for my chance.  Finally it landed on my chair and I smacked.

I think I hit it.  I could not find the corpse, but my nose has been fly free.  So either its dead or its planning its sneak attack.  Meanwhile, I keep feeling phantom fly feelys on my arm.  Or maybe its the ghost of the fly, coming back to haunt me.  Or maybe I missed.

ETA - I missed.  The fly was back with a vengeance right before the dh arrived home from work.  When he did I put him to the task of killing the fly.  Even the dog had attempted to eat the bugger as it flew close to her nose  - with no luck.   Finally, the dh was able to kill the fly, and I have been annoyance free, relatively speaking. 

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