Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Laundry and Me

I have a new system for laundry.  Thanks to the change in on peak/off peak hours and the intense heat I am finally on top of my laundry.  My on peak hours start at 1 pm and go till 8 pm.  So I have all morning and right before bed to do laundry.  This is much better than the winter on peak which is 5 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 9 pm.  I have a much harder time getting the laundry done from 9-5 because school is in there and I can't start a load till after school has started.  Anyway, I now have this nice routine down and its nice not to be stressed by laundry.

As soon as I get up I throw in a load of laundry.  Even before my coffee.  I know, its hard.  But then I get to enjoy my coffee as I wait for it to finish, and I can get caught up on my blog reading (imagine coffee and the paper just 21st century version).  When its done I start another load and hang that one on the line.  I can hang 2 loads on the line at once.  So as soon as the 2nd one is done I hang that one on the line as well.  I let them sit till after lunch when I do my 3rd load right before on peak starts.  I hang that one on the line and let it sit till bed time.  That way I don't have to go outside again till off peak starts, so I am not letting hot air in the house.  And I don't have to die in the heat getting it off the line.

I used far less electricity this month this year than I did this month last year.  The biggest difference being that I have used the clothes line almost exclusively this year.  I only do about 1 load in the dryer a week.  If you live somewhere it rains alot this might not work for you, but you can get an indoor clothes line.  There is always a
drying rack as well.  I have a huge one I found at a thrift store, its about 6 foot tall.  And if you still have issues you can get a spin dryer. While it still uses electricity it will use far less than a dryer and you can still get the benefits of line drying such as sun bleaching. 

Of course come October I will have to go back to the old On peak/ Off peak but hopefully I will find a routine that works for me then too.  We do have an extra washer sitting in the wings waiting to be fixed,  so I will have 2 washers.  That will cut down on my time considerably as I will be able to get 2 loads on the line by 10 am and will have all day to dry when the temps dip down in the winter months.  You know, under 100. 

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