Friday, July 16, 2010

Makes Sense

My 4 yr old and 3 yr old were talking the other day.  My 3 yr old stated that he hated flowers, which my 4 yr old loves.  He can go on about flowers for hours.  He wants to be a florist when he grows up.  Hes even been toting around a fake flower in a sippy cup for days.  Hating flowers doesn't sit well with him.  So he asked my 3 yr old why he didn't like flowers..."How can you not like flowers?  They are pretty and smell soooo beeee uuuu ttteeee ful!"  My 3 yr old reiterated that he hated flowers.  So my 4 yr old deduced the problem, "I know why you hate flowers.  Its because you don't like them." 

Speaking of my 3 yr old not liking things, he doesn't like food. Or maybe he doesn't like food I serve him.  At lunch I gave the baby a plate of spaghetti, after he ate what he wanted he did what all babies do.  Tipped the plate upside down on the table.  I let him down and my 3 yr old jumped into his spot and starting eating the spaghetti off the table.  He completely refused to eat his own, yet he will eat the spaghetti his little brother picked through and dumped out on the table. 

We were out of ranch, which in this house is akin to being out of water.  This bode badly for our meal of Empanadas and carrot sticks.  I offered the kids creamy Caesar which most of the kids used, but not my 4 yr old.  He asked for ketchup.  Yes, on his carrot sticks.  The dh told him we had honey mustard if he would rather have that.  His response?  "Ewwww.  Thats gross." 

Yes, it all makes perfect sense. 

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