Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stacking them Right

Parents of many oft retort that you must not be stacking your kids right if you're reasons for not having more is lack of space.  I stack mine just right.  The problem is not in the stacking, its in the shape of the room.  I hate weirdly placed windows and odd juts in the wall.  Didn't architects realize I would need to fit 3 beds in one 12x10 room?  Oh, I guess not.  Well they should have, its a 5 bedroom house, who did they think was gonna live here? 

So now I have this problem, I need to figure out how to fit 2 more beds into this room. 

The window is almost flush with the wall, the opposite wall has a closet and a door. 

So where is that bunk bed supposed to go?  Right now there is a cot under the bed and we pull it out when we need it.  Which is cumbersome.  I could go for awhile with just a bunk bed in there cause the baby will be in his crib for another year.  But I will have to face this challenge eventually. 

So how do you handle those odd ball windows, closest and doors?  Maybe my husband had something to the idea of the floor being a mattress. 


  1. I had to laugh because people always ask us how many bedrooms we have and I tell them we know how to stack 'em. ;) Could you do a triple bunk? Would an L-shaped arrangements of beds/loft option work? You could put the dresser beneath the loft. I don't know dimensions so if that is totally undoable, sorry in advance. I wish you good luck. :)

  2. I thought of that, they are $$$! I wonder how long I would have to wait till one found its way onto craigslist. Maybe I should just stick the 2 littles in 1 bed together. Whats funny is that the room right next to this one with 3 boys in it has a bunk and a single easily. But the window is next to the closet and the closet is a single door not a double so there is more wall space. Maybe I should just give the kids our bed and they can all sleep in that. Give me an excuse to get a new bed.