Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spider! Spider!

Whilst sitting under the desk mad at his mommy (don't all 2 yr olds do this?) my 2 yr old discovered a spider.  Mommy doesn't like all.  So I scream "Spider! Spider!"  In comes 3 Knights in shining armor, ok one was only wearing a tshirt and undies, but they looked like Knights to me.  Now I have 4 boys under my desk, the 2 yr old, the 4 yr old, the 5 yr old and the 7 yr old.  Notice the 3 oldest just sat there, which is important note for later. 

The 7 yr old takes the lead, using his brother's shoe to smoosh the spider.  I love how he picked his brothers sandal instead of his own healys which I am sure would have inflicted much greater damage..  Well my 4 yr old didn't like this one bit.  No, it wasn't his shoe.  No, he wanted to kill the spider.  Only my boys would be fighting over who gets to kill a spider. 

Me: "You can kill the next spider."

Ds: "When will the next spider be?"

Me: "Well there was one in my shower yesterday." Showing him, unfortunately they happen pretty frequently here. Gotta love the desert.

Ds: "Is it still there?"

Me: "No, I killed it."

Ds in high pitched whine : "I want to kill a spider!"

His plea was soon to be answered cause my 7 yr old gave up.  I guess the spider gave him the slip.  So my 4 yr old started to smoosh away, yup using his brothers shoe.  Finally he got the spider.  So I handed him a tissue to pick it up with.  Instead he wiped his nose and walked away. 

Then in walks my 10 yr old, "I thought you were yelling Fire."  Nice.  So not only did they not want to help their poor mother kill a spider, they thought the house was on fire and yet they still sat there.  I guess I can commend them on being so attentive to their school work.  Even as the house burned down around them. 

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