Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Homeschoolers Vacation - Part 2

Today we stayed in town.  It wasn't as nice as we had planned but we are trying to let go of things and enjoy whatever happens.  Which I might add is very difficult when you are traveling with 8 children on public transportation.  Warning: Public Transportation with a large family NOT advised!  May cause serious psychological trauma!

We enjoyed our trip to the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum not withstanding.  We saw the strangest rocks there.  By strange I mean, looks like it might be alive, strange. It looks like a rock cracked open and inside was a hair ball. 

The meteorite looks like some circuits that fell off a space ship. 

The silver wire in quartz was incredible.  I figured they probably didn't put something man made in with the other minerals but it looks man made. 

And of course can't forget the pictures of the kids! What they are standing in front of is an actual scoop used to fill the worlds largest truck - the Liebherr T 282B.  That scoop was replaced by one twice its size, and at 100,000 pounds you can only imagine its replacement.

The tire used on the Liebherr is bigger than our van, and thats saying something.  And here we were impressed with the price of a monster truck tire.  That'd be one scary tire swing right there. 

If you have the chance to visit a Rock and/or Mineral Museum I suggest taking clip boards, paper and pens.  Because now that we are home we would really like to have the names of some of those rocks we saw.  You can make it even more exciting by doing a scavenger hunt, but really even the youngest of my kids had fun there.  Maybe we are just weird though.  You don't need to answer that. 

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