Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Happens when your 2 year old is Quiet

I was writing away while the baby slept.  The other kids were watching a movie daddy had brought home.  It was like heaven.  Until I realized it had been a little while since my 2 yr old had come to see me.  And he was quiet.  Bad things happen when a 2 yr old is quiet.  Either hes been abducted by aliens or he was up to no good.  I was leaning more toward the "Up to No Good" scenario myself.  And I was right!  Imagine.  I found him contently playing in the back yard.


The brown around his mouth?  Thats mud, he was drooling.

This is what life is like in the desert.  We have no grass, what we do have is a huge sand box for a back yard. Its great, especially when it rains.  Yea...not so much.   The kids do like digging in it, burrying themselves in it.  So I guess I am the only one complaining here.  Bummer.

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