Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year.  I've managed to stay out of the loony bin and all my family members are still talking to me.  My children are all fed and clothed, the house hasn't burnt down and my head hasn't left a dent in the wall.  So in light of my good behavior I would very much like the following for Christmas:

I could really use some sleep.  This might be a family gift  as I am sure I would be a happier mommy if I actually slept.  I'm figuring since its mythical like you, you might know where to get it. 

I know you aren't supposed to pray for patience but how about asking you for some?  Thats ok, right?

I want to loose weight.  And please, I don't want this gift to come in the form of an illness in which I can't eat  or lapse into a comma. 

Having the ability to turn invisible, so I can do my exercises in the loft again, would be a novel gift.

And perhaps being able to read minds would make this parenting thing a little easier.  At least with the babies.  Cause heavens knows I don't want to know what goes through my boy's heads.

A floor that vacuums itself would be a splendid gift.  And no I don't want a dirt floor, already got one of those, thanks anyway!

And could you get someone started on that replicator too?  It would make meals oh so much easier.

And maybe if it fits in your sleigh, a new sofa would be nice.

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