Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hiding Gifts

Its hard enough to hide gifts when you have one or two children.  Imagine when you have 8 inquiring minds.  Ok I admit the youngest doesn't look.  But the other kids snoop even when they don't know there are gifts to be found. 

This year I think I am being pretty creative.  I emptied a storage box and put the gifts in there.  Blends right in, they don't know I emptied the box.  In years past we used the trunk of dh's car (not a bright idea however if car break ins occur in your area), under a blanket in the garage (as you can imagine this didn't work well), in the under the bed storage and in my sock drawer.  One year I found a gift for my fathers birthday 6 mos after his birthday  - in my sock drawer.  Yes, I really am barefoot and pregnant, I never look in there and neither does anyone else.  And I knew I had bought him something, I could have sworn. 

Today I cleaned out dh's dresser.  That man had more socks than any 3 men could ever use.  Note to self - stop buying socks as a gift.  So I told him its a good thing he doesn't hide stuff in his dresser.  He replied, "I would never hide anything from you.  Its hard enough to keep the facts straight the way it is."   I told him I meant gifts, but it was good to know where his mind immediately went to! I think he is hiding my gifts in the trunk of his car.  And really truly that is not why I cleaned out his dresser.  I swear.  Really. 

Where have you hidden gifts?  Found any fool proof places?  My mother told me she used to hide hers at her grandmothers when we were little.  I always wondered cause I looked everywhere.  I even pulled the bed away from the wall to look behind the head board once. I wonder if she didn't tell me cause she liked to drive me crazy looking for them. 

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