Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A series of unfortunate events or The Cheesy Peal: Now for Youthful Looking Skin!

There is never a dull moment in our house.  My youngest dd left out the globe. Anything left down in our house gets destroyed.  My 2 yr old is a human wrecker.  Everything he touches falls apart.  He even managed to break a dresser once.  I mean really break it, like pieces came off.  I see a bright future in demolition for him.

But my daughter, seeing the mistake she made, fixed the globe with some glue and tape.  A resourceful young gal if not forgetful.  She then left the glue sitting out. Apparently ds decided to play piano after he was done with the glue.  Because I discovered the mess only when I went to check on why the piano kept playing the same tune over and over again.  Ds was standing there pealing his hands.  I quickly deduced what had happened.  Because I am smart, and because sadly you start to think like a mischievous toddler when you have one.

He had smeared the glue all over the counter and drove his hot wheels through it.  So he had dried glue finger tip to elbow and on his legs.  Not just dried glue either.  No, ds had to be eating Doritos and salsa before he played in the glue, so it was cheesy dried glue.  At least the mess pealed right off.  There could be worse things.

Of all the things I have to clean up, this must be the most enjoyable.  Who doesn't like pealing Elmers glue off your hands?  And to do arms and legs too?  Yea it was fun, if not just a little gross, what with the cheese and all.  And it kinda looked like skin, the color helped that visual.  My oldest dd didn't really want to help.  She thought it was gross. But my 5 yr old pitched in and pealed a leg for me.  He said, "I must be the strongest boy in the house, look at the size of this glue piece!" as he proudly held up a piece of leg glue.  The he tells me, "You are gonna have to vacuum the floor when we are done."  Aren't you glad I spared you the pictures?

Then dd had to clean the counter, she rolled all the glue in a ball and left it there for me to find.  Wasn't that sweet?

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