Thursday, November 12, 2009

So that reality TV thing...

I can't tell you how many times someone has commented that we must be going for our own reality tv show.  The thought crossed my mind.  And I quickly dismissed it.  Who wants a camera following them around everywhere?  Its bad enough having 8 kids follow you everywhere.  I don't think I have spent more than 2 minutes in the bathroom in the last 11 years because I have kids sitting on the other side banging.  Of course there are all the other reasons too. You know the criticisms for absolutely every thing you do in life from what you eat to to how many times a day we flush the toilet.  And the total lack of privacy in our lives.  You know, just the little details. 

Then I read an article today and this quote got me:
"Last month, Jon Gosselin revealed to CNN's Larry King that he and his wife, Kate, were paid $22,500 per episode before their messy breakup this year."  
I don't know if they got paid that from the beginning but at 85 episodes I am thinking they did pretty well for themselves.  So knowing this now I think I would have a harder time saying NO WAY to a reality show.  Seeing how that marriage ended up though it would give me pause, if only for a moment.  One would hope my marriage is more like the Duggars than the Gosselins as far as reality tv marriages go.  

All hypothetical of course.  Because I must be the most boring person.  Raise your hand if you want to watch someone spend their days folding clothes, changing diaper and yelling up the stairs, "Someone give the dog water!"  Come on...I know you are dvring it and canceling that party just to watch. 

For now, No, I am not trying for my own reality show. 


  1. ya, me too. I have thought, we can teach the world a thing or two about making a marriage work, but what works for us probably doesn't work for 90% of the population. LOL. And yeah, I have great kids, but Steve makes Supernanny look soft - and I am no push over myself. LOL. What are they going to watch? Me driving out at 7:10 am to take Brandy to Choir while Steve slaps on some jeans and takes the others to the bus stop, I come home, make sure Merce is ready for preschool.... ya, real entertaining. Now, the "I'm naked" dance is a hoot, but the public would get bored with that pretty quickly.

  2. Well I know I would love to have a show about YOU every week to watch!