Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Bloggers Vacation

Everyday I wake up and wonder, "What will I blog about today?"  Somedays I really have to search for it.  Those days I have to force the blog or skip it entirely.  Somedays the blog finds me.  This is usually pretty easy if you just let the kids run off with no supervision or say when you are going on vacation.  In the case of the later you don't necessarily have to plan ahead for the blog.  You just look for the most off the wall thing you can find, and get a picture of it. 

Sedona is a beautiful city back dropped with rich red rocks.  Its also full of new age mystics and UFO enthusiasts.  I am willing to bet there were at least 20 different places I could have my aura read.  I could buy anything from incense, which I actually really do need, to alien hot spots, which I don't need so much.  As much as I want out of the desert, I think I will skip on living in Sedona.  It was wierd even for me!

And look at my beautiful Thanksgiving table!
However I think I let it sit too long.  Because it turned to rock!  Oh wait, we are just at the Mining and Mineral Museum.   I had heard about this but you really can't understand it till you have seen it.  Rocks and minerals that have been placed to look like food.

And what would a holiday vacation be without a tacky christmas lights display?  Ok well this is a bit more than just a display.  This is the whole house, walk through extravaganza. In Phoenix there are twin brother Bob and Bernard Rix who each do excellent christmas light displays.  They open their home to 10s of thousands of visitors a year to walk though their amazing collection of christmas houses, trains, mangers and ply wood cut outs.

And thats just the front yard. 

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