Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey with a side of Chaos

You can't have a ton of kids without a little chaos on the holidays.  I was mostly worried about sick kids as they are still recovering from a cold.  2 of the kids who didn't get it with the others ended up getting sick Wednesday.  My oldest is a trouper though and didn't let anything get her down.  Actually everything went smoothly till after dinner.  Then it all went down hill.

We only have 1 dishwasher.  Yes, I said 'only'.  Can you guess how many loads of dishes we had to do yesterday?  You can post your guesses below and kudos to the one who gets it right.  Well my dishwasher didn't like being overworked.  So it was crying I guess.  Yup, water leaked out all over my floor.  Into the pantry.  Not sure how well that load got cleaned what with the water not being ON the dishes.  Subsequent loads did not get spilled all over the floor so I am not sure what happened with that one.

And I discovered the mess when I went to get the baby out of the kitchen.  He is quite mobile now.  So after a complete change I left him in the living room to clean up the mess in the kitchen.  Only to come back to find him trying to climb the stairs!  I guess its time to break out the gates.

We woke up this morning to a doggy accident and a toilet flooded.  Not related by the way.  At least we had the decorating to look forward to.  Yea right.  Our outdoor lights apparently has a short, we replaced fuse after fuse just to have them blow again.  We decided to just throw those out and buy new ones.  Our christmas tree is a prelit, with fiber optics.  Last year I knew we had issues with a section of it AFTER we had gotten it decorated.  So this year we had to work on it before we decorated.  We managed to fix some of it.  We gave up after working on it for 2 hours and just decided to buy lights for that too.

A quick trip to Walmart on Black Friday never hurt anyone.  Right?  We had to get lights for $2 each, 10 ornaments for $2 each, Garland for $5 each and what do we come home with?  9 ornaments, someone forgot we had a baby I guess.  That would be the daddy and I.  I guess when they can't climb the shelves to demand the one they want you over look them.  We also forgot the garland. So we just put the ornaments and lights on the tree sans the garland. 

Regardless of all the issues we had, the kids said it was the best Thanksgiving ever.  I am still thankful it waited till after dinner to fall apart.  I am thankful I have lots of left overs so I don't have to cook for 3 days.  I am thankful for good times with great people.  I am thankful for the life I have and all my babies. 

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