Saturday, November 14, 2009

Learning at its Funnest

The American Heritage Festival was a blast. Literally!  The cannon blasts were quite loud and vibrating.  It took a bit longer than we thought to get there. As we were pulling into the parking lot they were already doing the pledge, however we enjoyed watching 3 battles and talking with all the partcipants.  The kids learned a lot about the different toys, writing instruments and cooking from the era.  We asked them what their favorite thing was and everyone said something different.  I guess that means there was something there for everyone.

When Abe Lincoln was giving his presentation he mentioned that the reason why boys wore dresses till they were 5 was because it was easier to potty train them.  I can certainly appreciate that!  It was very educational for the whole family and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Sadly, we did leave because of rain.  I was sad to go, but my poor baby was freezing.  I was not expecting it to be so cool. 

The entire group of reenactors.

   Adele making corn meal. 

 Kids playing ring toss.

Learning to write with a quill.

 A revolutionary war battle begins.

Getting the cannon ready.

General George Washington and the French fight together. Seen here they get their muskets ready for another round.

Colonial Singers.

Civil war soldiers.

Kids with Abe Lincoln.

And here are my kids getting to make their own reenactment.

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