Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On faeries and deep voices

My 4 yr old was laying in a stream of sunshine on the floor.  He gazed up at the dust floating around and said, "I am trying to catch the faeries." I asked him if he meant the dust and he told me matter of factly they were indeed faeries.  I tried to explain they were just dust particles when he retorted, "Then why are they flying?"

Before bed last night I crept up to the boys bedroom and hid behind the door.  I knew my 5 yr old saw me but the 2 oldest were talking away so I jumped out and yelled "Boo".  The 2 boys startled of course but my 5 yr old just calmly said, "Hi momma."  I knew he had seen me but he was a good sport and didn't spoil my fun.  The oldest, not wanting to appear scared in front of his younger brothers said, "Well it startled me because I thought you were daddy, you had such a deep voice."  Oh nice, does that mean I sound like a man or does dh sound like a woman?  Trying to recover he then said, "Well maybe it just sounded like that because I was talking and not paying attention."  Turning in to a man already. 

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