Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celebrity Baby Names

I love celebrity baby names.  It seems they are more free, than the rest of society, to indulge in naming their children what they really want to name them.  Average ordinary people get flack for getting a little creative and giving their daughter a traditionally boys name or their son a more unique name.  Everyone quips how those poor children are bound get their butts kicked on the playground or everyone will forever be spelling or pronouncing their names incorrectly.  Take it from someone who had a very common first name and an easy 4 letter last name - it doesn't matter.  They will still get spelled wrong and mispronounced regardless if its a unique or not.  Thankfully I am a woman who could take her husbands last name.  I graduated to an odd 5 letter last name that no one can pronounce or spell.  And it doesn't bother me a bit because I expect it.  When you have a common name that gets spelled or mispronounced you just assume people are stupid.  I have a new respect for people now, see they aren't that dumb. 

Oh sure everyone talks smack about the stars and their kids names.  How stupid they must be to name their kid what they do.  But it actually makes a lot of sense.  I bet you anything everyone can spell Bear or Apple.  And everyone will remember your name.  No need to change your name when you decide to follow in mommy or daddys foot steps either.  How many of the Hollywood elite changed their common names in for something more unique so they would stand out?  And as far as getting their butts kicked or kids picking on them, you have to ask by who?  Look at who their peers are. 

But really, I love celebrity baby names because I can say, "And you thought my kids had weird names."  And if ever I decide to name a kid Gimli or Turnip or something I can just claim I am being trendy.  Remember, at one point  most names we have today were on the edge and different.  And most names from the past would be viewed the same way.  Someone has to set the tone and start the popularity rolling on a name.  

While I am being the voice of reason, let me just say if you want to name your child something that people don't approve of, do it.  Once the baby is here they will get used to it.  I am speaking from experience.  Not that my kids name is terribly unique or different.  But no one liked it but the dh and I.  Now you wouldn't think twice about the name, its who they are. 

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