Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Starting Kids off Right

People often ask me how I homeschool with lots of little ones around.  Its very simple - I include them.  If they can hold a pencil or a crayon they are doing school work with us.  While it looks to outsiders like they are just scribbling on paper, what they are learning is that there is a time for school work.  They are learning hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.  They are learning how to sit for increasing lengths of time.  They are learning that when its time for school we can be excited and ready to learn.  But what can you do with a 3 year old that won't leave them bored or done after 5 minutes?

How about Mazes?  Or Tracing?  Or Dot to Dots? Don't want printables?  How about Games? 

Games on the Computer...Games for the Table like Dominos or Color your Own Puzzle.

How about listening to cds while reading a story book?  Or using tools like a Vsmile, Leapster or Leappad.

Don't want to use a ton of paper every day?  Try Dry Erase Boards or their very own Chalk Boards

Even if you are just using crayons and a roll of paper at the dining room table, the important thing is to make the kids feel included.  They won't see school as something only older kids do but as something everyone does, everyday.  Learning will become habit.

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